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FBBC Northern Science Hub - Map of Competence

In October 2013 the ten FBBC members presented the map of competences "The Northern Science Hub" they had jointly prepared.

The overview maps the universities and research institutes in the Fehmarnbelt Region with its major fields of research. In addition to the map a detailed booklet was produced that contains more detailed information on the different organizations.

To see the entire map and the detail information booklet, please click on the following link:

FBBC Infrastructure Paper

On 12 September 2012 the FBBC partners published a joint position paper they had developed. It contains the most important infrastructure measures that should be taken in Denmark and Germany in order to lead the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link to a success for the entire Fehmarnbelt Region.

The following demands were formulated:

  • a two-track, electrified railway line for the full length, and a continuous 4-lane motorway from Lübeck to Copenhagen, including the Fehmarn Sound Bridge and the Storstrøm Bridge
  • Upgrade of the train connection between Hamburg and Copenhagen up to 160 km/h in Germany and 200 km/h in Denmark
  • Consideration of the train capacities in and around Hamburg, Lübeck and Copenhagen
  • Removing of bottleneck situations in the rail infrastructure that will be even worse after the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link by solutions such as the so-called Bad Kleinen curve
  • Upgrade of major road connection to Schleswig-Holstein, Zealand, Jutland and Skåne
  • Connections to important transport nodes, such as ports, airports etc.

The entire position paper can be downloaded with a click on the following link:

FBBC Copenhagen Declaration

During the Fehmarnbelt Business Conference 2010 in Copenhagen the FBBC partners approved of a joint declaration on the major topics that according to the FBBC should be covered in the context of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link in order to create a flourishing economic growth region.

The declaration covered the following topics:

  • Integration of regional businesses into the construction process by promoting consortium building processes
  • Infrastructure measures in Denmark and Germany
  • Cross-border cooperation between the universities and scientific institutions
  • Dependable, inexpensive and environmentally sound energy supply for businesses in the region

The entire Copenhagen Declaration can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

FBBC Brochure - Creating Connections: The fixed Fehmarnbelt link!

With the brochure "Creating Connections: the fixed Fehmarnbelt link" the FBBC partners published in 2009 the first overview paper covering the central topics around the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link.

In the brochure the following topics are described:

  • The project fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt
  • International reference projects
  • Northern European axis of growth
  • Fehmarnbelt bridge: offering comprehensive solutions!

The entire brochure can be downloaded via the following link: